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Friday, 2 January 2015

Talking about the weather...

The Dark Knight's Tale

Knight on bear mountain
The knight rode up, in squeaking armour,
Fury writ upon his brow
And strange to say, he rode a lama—
A thief had nicked his favourite cow.

A knight whose thing was riding cattle?
I hear you ask, in rising fear.
Why yes, he did, but not in battle
The horse he'd sold to pay for beer.

His helm was sable, like his rage
And black was all the gear he wore
Save on his arm an off-white gage
But black was the stubble on his jaw.

He slapped his shield upon the bar,
It bore his motto "Ebon semper"
And made it clear, both near and far
He had a really nasty temper.

He kicked the spittoon over twice
And gave the crowd a dreadful fright
And then they saw, quite in a trice,
It was a dark and stormy knight.

Please send this to your friends, and spoil their New Year.

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