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Monday, 2 November 2015

Field work time

Post script, May 2016. I am about to take off for Scandinavia to get the last of the material that I need for this book, but I have some 400 pics loaded into the file, 30,000 words in the bag, another 100,000 words of material to draw on. At this stage, almost all of the pictures that follow, my alpha bunch, have been slotted into their correct place — even when the text is still to be written.
 One of the books I am working on in a rather desultory way, has the working title, Not Your Usual Rocks, and what I like is the places it takes me to.

Some of the places are closer to home, others are further away. Here's a bit of amusement to distract you until I write up last weekend's field work, when my two sons assisted me out into the wilderness in search of the base of the Sydney Basin.

You can see some of the pictures from that trip here, if you wish, though you may need to be a Facebook user to see them...

Folds, Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Slump fold? Near Quito, Ecuador.

Painted Desert, Coober Pedy, South Australia

Columnar basalt, Snake River, USA.

Cascade Mountain, Banff, Canada

Hickson Steps, Sydney Australia

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Sandstone hoodoos, near Bryce Canyon

Aeolian cross-bedded Sandstone, Zion Canyon.

Fossils, Ulladulla, NSW

Wormholes, Hawkesbury Sandstone, Sydney Australia.

Seeping lava, Kilauea, Hawaii

Aragunnu, faults and folds NSW south coast.

Eroded-out volcano, south of North Island, NZ.

Lieesgang banding, Box Head, NSW

Honeycomb weathering, Cuttagee Lagoon, NSW.

Freycinet, Tasmania, granite

Mount Etna

 Mount Vesuvius

Yasur, Tanna, Vanuatu

Uluru, Central Australia

Uluru, Central Australia

 Wave Rock, Western Australia

That's enough: you don't get to see all of them!

I'll be back next week with traveller's tales.

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